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    Why Sellers choose the Chesen Team 

The Chesen Team takes great pride in representing sellers in the sale of their property. Our goal is to work with the seller as a team to achieve the most successful results and a rewarding experience.  As your guide throughout the entire process, The Chesen Team provides the finest, most comprehensive services available backed by one of the most respected names in real estate – Reece & Nichols.
Achieving the best price and terms when selling your property requires careful planning and consistent follow through. Here are some of the strategic steps we take to guarantee a successful sale…

  1. Obtain a comprehensive market evaluation of your property. The Chesen Team will prepare a comparative market analysis by locating and reviewing similar or comparable properties in your location that have recently sold or are currently on the market.
  2. Determine the best listing and selling price. Once the fair market value is defined, The Chesen Team will help you to determine a listing price that will attract the most prospective buyers.
  3. Prepare your property for marketing. The Chesen Team will discuss with you ways in which to make your property show its best. Your agent will also schedule and attend any presale inspections and will prepare a marketing "kit" with all disclosure documentation. This package will be given to interested buyers and/or their agents so that they will be well informed about your property prior to writing an offer to purchase.
  4. Market your property. The Chesen Team will use its expansive network and resources to advertise your property to brokers and the general public as well as arrange for showings to individual buyers. During this marketing time, your agent will be in frequent contact with you to let you know what the response is to your property.
  5. Receive and negotiate offers. Because an offer consists of a combination of price and terms, every offer must be considered individually. The Chesen Team will help you decide whether to accept, reject or counter any offer(s) received. We will also make sure that the buyer is qualified financially and is prepared to go through with the purchase.
  6. Make the property available for all inspections and the appraisal. Most buyers will want to have the property inspected by architects, engineers, structural pest control inspectors and home inspection contractors or by other building professionals. The lender will send an appraiser to view and measure the property for appraisal purposes. The Chesen Team will schedule these appointments with you and be present during the inspections.
  7. Comply with local, state and federal requirements as required by law or called for by the contract. The Chesen Team will provide you with a Summary of Laws and Codes applicable to the sale of your particular property and will be able to refer you to appropriate sources to ensure compliance.
  8. Coordinate the closing. The Chesen Team will issue closing instructions to the Title Company, check all closing statements, and arrange for signature of the closing documents. Once the property has closed, your agent will deliver keys to the buyer.


Selling Your Home

There are many options availabe to you; FSBO'ing, hiring an attorney, even hiring a discounted agency to put your home in the MLS system and over 5000 agent in the metro area to choose from.

So how do you decide? The answer is quite simple ...The Chesen Team

We are masters in listening to your goals. We take into consideration why you are moving, what you need to net from the sell of your home and the time frame you would like to work within.

The Chesen Team works with you. We will actually develop a marketing program with the most advanced tools available that are not only effective, but styled to your needs.

Our style is what accomplishes the results our clients want. They proudly refer us to their friends and relatives.

You too can see first hand how we easily out-serve and out-perform all the other alternatives in selling your home.


Selling FSBO
(for sale by owner)

The Chesen Team realizes that sellers have the option of selling their homes For Sale By Owner (FSBO).  Although this may be a viable option for some, there are many disadvantages to selling your home FSBO.  To name a few…

  • All marketing and advertising costs are your own, which can be an expensive proposition
  • All of the paperwork, legal forms, etc. are your responsibility and must be handled by you
  • Many buyers believe that if you are selling on your own and not paying a commission, it is they (the buyers) who should get the saving--not you
  • You do not have access to the MLS--the Multiple Listing Service,  and therefore must hunt for buyers one at a time
  • Without all the tools in hand, you may underprice or overprice the house
  • If you are not skilled in negotiation, you may leave money on the table
  • If you want to give maximum benefit to your efforts, your free time will be somewhat or severely limited
  • As you approach negotiations, you must sever emotional ties with your house or you will place yourself at a disadvantage
  • You must become knowledgeable of legal and financial issues to be most effective
  • You must rely on your own instincts